First steps down a long road

Greetings, my anticipated guest, and welcome to my little corner of the web. This site will eventually be a repository of news, short stories, and probably also at least a few bona fide blog posts (i.e., rants), since they are as close as I’m currently willing to get to the unholy blabfest known as social media (in all reality I will probably eventually have to buckle and get a Twitter account or something similar, but I’m going to stave off that eventuality for as long as I possibly can).

My name is D.M. Griffin. I’m an (aspiring) author who hails from the beautiful state of Michigan. I’m of primarily Portugese and English/German extraction, although a good portion of the blood running through my veins comes from the Wyandot people who were the original settlers of the same territory I now inhabit (I have an Indian ancestress who was well-known for murdering her husband). I’ve wanted to write books ever since I was little, although I’ve only begun to seriously attempt the process of becoming a novelist for the last – oh, five years, give or take. That process began with a couple of books which I successfully completed, but which I afterwards judged to be so bad that they were almost immediately thrown out and forgotten. From what I’ve learned, that’s pretty standard for anyone who takes writing seriously – it’s a bit like running water through a set of long-unused pipes. Before you get anything that’s fit for consumption, first you have to flush all the crap out of your system. While I don’t consider everything I worked on before Call a Spade crap (although some of it I certainly do), I can say that when I was writing this novel it felt like the first time the metaphorical water was really flowing at max output. I wrote this book in only a few months, whereas my previous efforts have taken years.

I’ll do my best to turn this currently-forlorn little site into something with enough content to make it worthwhile to check back in now and then.

Expect another couple of posts very soon – one for the upcoming release and special free giveaway of Call a Spade, then a short story, and finally a few excerpts from The Witch of the Wilds, the first book of my in-the-works fantasy novel trilogy.

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