Call a Spade launches today!


The book officially launches today. I’m excited to be promoting it on several sites, as well as posting it on Reddit. My expectations are fairly humble, as a new self-published author, but I hope that this provides an opportunity to connect with a great foundational readership. I’m honored to get to know any of you who will fall into that category.

Long-term, I am currently working on two new projects, one heavily inspired by some of the urban fantasy I’ve been listening to lately. The other a more experimental (and probably both more mentally draining and potentially rewarding) effort. I’ll be looking forward to sharing some of those soon on the blog to see what everyone thinks!

Oh, and don’t forget – the eBook is free from now (June 10) through the 13th! Please pick up a copy and enjoy. And if you feel the story is catching enough to keep you reading until the end, reviews are always welcome.

Best to you, folks.

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